Pali High Athletes Honored

By STEVE GALLUZZO | Sports Editor

Hands were clapping and eyes were tearing last Wednesday afternoon in Mercer Hall, where athletes were recognized for their achievements at Palisades High’s annual Senior Awards Banquet.

Golfer Sophia Eberlein, racquetball player Dane Elkins, basketball player Griffin Silverman, swimmer Leah Timmerman and baseball player Augie Sylk were presented American Legion Post 283 Scholarships. Nicole Figueroa (track) and Ray Yang (golf) were the Berskshire Hathaway Scholar Athletes, water polo/ lacrosse player Jackie Au won the James Mercer Scholar-Athlete Award. Zoe Capanna (soccer) and Shannon Lee (cross country) got Dick and Debbie Held Scholarships.

Rotary Award winner Kian Brouwer swam third in the 200 freestyle and fifth in the 100 butterfly at the state prelims.
Photo: Steve Galluzzo


Jackie Au was given the James A. Mercer Award
Photo: Steve Galluzzo


Exceptional Athlete Awards went to Erika Agege (track), Brandon Castro (football), Paulette Ely (softball), Justin Hirschberg (baseball), Nick Itkin (fencing), Kaila Osorio (wrestling), Calypso Peraticos (tennis) and RJ Sands (tennis). Rotary Schlarships went to Kian Brouwer (swimming) and Katherine Nuckols (soccer). Woman Scholar Athletes were Angel Echipue (volleyball) and Katie Wilkes (soccer) and Spencer Au (lacrosse) received the Travis de Zarn Memorial Scholarship.    

Katherine Nuckols was a Rotary Award winner.
Photo: Steve Galluzzo