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Photo courtesy of LADWP/Art Mochizuki

Palisades Charter High School Team A poses for a photo during a break at the LADWP Science Bowl Scrimmage at the city-owned utility’s downtown headquarters on Jan. 20. The team was preparing for the LADWP Science Bowl XXVI regional competition, which will take place on Feb. 24. Pictured, from left: Hannah Shabtian, Pierre Thiboduax, Alok Elashoff, Coach John Viera, Daniel Gottesman and Elizabeth Crawford


Photo courtesy of Regan Colwell Eastman

Corpus Christi fourth-graders at Catholic Schools Week






Photo courtesy of Regan Colwell Eastman

Middle school students at Corpus Christi School participated in the school’s Science Fair. Pictured, from left: Bianca Viotti, Eliza Wolf, Barrett Eastman, Valentina Knapp, Sarah Mendelsohn and Justin Spoeri (front)    




Photos by Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

The Palisades Branch Library Teen Council hosted an Open Mic Night for teenage performers on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Performances included a rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” an original story, poetry and more. 




Photo courtesy of Monique Lafia

Palisades Charter High School students Sophia Arvin and Abby Brown from Girl Scout Troop 12815 created a Valentine’s Day party and reading nook for families at Claris Health Center. The two spent a Saturday at the center, helping families in need and encouraging young readers to attend school and read. Each of the families left with a gift package, with formula and diapers.