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Journalists to Debate Fake NewsThe Village

Three experienced journalists—Terry McCarthy, of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Bill Bruns, editorial advisor at Palisades News, and John Harlow, editor-in-chief at the Palisadian-Post—will discuss the roots and threat presented by so-called “fake news” across all media.

The conversation, hosted by the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, will be on Tuesday, May 8, between 6 and 7:30 p.m. at Palisades Branch Library.

“We encourage middle and high school students to attend this event and learn how journalism impacts our democracy,” moderator Maryam Zar said.            


Country Club to Reveal Future PlansThe Riviera

The Riviera Country Club will reveal future building plans at the next Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting on Thursday, May 10, said Megan Watanabe, whose family bought the club for $108 million in 1988-9.

The quietly spoken executive is now the club’s “point of contact” as Donald Emery, general manager for six years, moves to a new post at a Florida golf club.

The venerable institution is responding to community concerns about a proposed new security gate on Longworth Drive, traffic and noise issues.

The PPCC’s Land Use Committee will next meet at Palisades Branch Library on Monday, May 7.      


LAFD Helicopter Hoists Injured Hiker | Pacific Palisades

A woman was rescued from Temescal Canyon Park after sustaining a lower leg injury during a midday hike on Thursday, April 26. LAFD Station 69 participated in the rescue operation, which resulted in the patient being transported to a local hospital in fair condition.


Racist Symbols Drawn in Pali High BathroomEl Medio Bluffs

An unknown vandal drew four small swastikas in the boys bathroom at Palisades Charter High School on Monday, April 23, according to Tideline News, the student newspaper.

The school is investigating the incident but have not found a perpetrator. The anti-semitic markings have since been removed.

The event follows an incident in November where vandals spray painted homophobic slurs and vulgar drawings around the school leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage.


Speeding Driver Flees Scene of AccidentMalibu

On the morning of Saturday, April 27, a driver overturned his orange McLaren vehicle over the side of Latigo Canyon Road, north of the PCH in Malibu. He was reported to have been racing, and fled the scene prior to rescue services arriving.


Pot Pioneer Says Drug is ‘So Over’The Highlands

Highlands resident Cheech Marin, comedian and promoter of marijuana product range called Private Stash, declared on “The Late Show with Steven Colbert” that legal marijuana was “so over” that he was moving into “edgier” pleasures such as unpasteurized milk cheeses and burning leaves to annoy his Palisadian neighbors.

These pastimes are less likely to interfere with his prime interests, including Chicano art, golf and horse archery. He was promoting the 40th anniversary edition of the original so-called stoner comedy, “Up in Smoke.”