A Long-Overdue Reunion—Even the School Has Gone

From left, bottom row: Diane Alvy, Kathryn Tull, Karen Reed Talcott and  Kit Eichenhoffer Sargent; top row: Mark Kendall, Brad Pierose, Peggy Zipper Gearhart and Rick Strasser
Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

Some school reunions are planned almost immediately after graduation. Others, like this group, wait half a century until their school is but a fond memory. But it’s worth it, all the same. On Saturday, May 20, six former students of the long-departed Carden of the Pacific private elementary school gathered at the site, which is now in front of Seven Arrows school. Four school pals were not able to make it, but were celebrated with headshots in absentia. It was organized by Karen Talcott, who now lives in Colorado. She started contacting friends after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was amazed how the group reunited. “When I get stressed these days I growl, loudly, like a lion in Denver Zoo, and it relieves the pressure. But getting together with all these old friends, after 50 years, like it was yesterday, released so many memories. And it meant that I will not have to growl again for a while,” Talcott said. Between them, the group has seven bachelor degrees, three master’s, one doctorate and one Stanford graduate, as well as enduring friendship. So the school must have done something right.