Fire Prevention

Shouldn’t fire prevention awareness be part of our school curriculum?

With annual fires the new normal in our local mountains, as well as a recent report of teens playing with fire near the Palisades Recreation Center, Palisadians are rightfully concerned.

In response, let’s call upon our neighborhood schools to put fire prevention in the curriculum. I’m remembering the water conservation project my daughter did at Marquez many years ago. Now’s the time to teach a unit on “How I Can Help Prevent Brush Fires.”

The unit might include such topics as:

Sources of fire (matches, cigarettes, campfires, firecrackers, gas blowers, etc.)

Fuel for fire (dry leaves, twigs, bushes, untrimmed palm trees, trash, etc.)

Preventative actions

What to pack in an evacuation warning

I can envision kids interviewing the great 69 and 23 fire station crews, as well as doing some Google research to uncover other fire-deterrent practices. Moreover, incorporating a student research project can have a trickle-down effect by involving the whole family—as a result of the Marquez project, I still don’t let the water faucet run for more than a few seconds, and I cringe when I hear others doing it.

It’s all about awareness! (If your school already has fire prevention in the curriculum, thank you!)

Cynthia Desrochers
Professor of Education, emerita, CSUN

CAPP and Leaf Blowers

Recently a number of Palisadians have commented in the Post on the use of gas powered leaf blowers in our community. The use of these machines within 500’ of residences is not only illegal, it is dangerous.

If you are concerned about the harmful effects of gas powered leaf blowers on our community (noise and air pollution, health risks to gardeners and homeowners, damage to soil from heat and air), please join Clean Air Pacific Palisades (CAPP), a volunteer organization working to phase out gas powered leaf blowers and replace them with either rakes and brooms or battery powered equipment.

Just write to CleanAirPalisades@gmail.com to learn about our campaign and get meeting dates and times.

Arthur Hoyle

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