To whomever smashed my car window and took my bag of knitting while I was hiking Los Liones Trail in the evening on October 18th:

I would recommend that you unravel the white baby sweater and start again with at least six more stitches. It really is too small even for a newborn. I was planning to repeat the lacy hole look on the sleeves, an inch after the cuff ribbing.

If you don’t know how to do that, check out some knitting videos by searching on “Yarn Over.” It really is the same idea as knitting button holes except you are doing an entire row of them, with at least two stitches in-between each hole.

Good luck with that, and oh, yes, you owe me $450 for a replacement window.

Andrea Ehrgott

Disaster Readiness

We appreciate the Post’s coverage of our recent PPCC Board meeting: the interesting presentation by Zachary Gaidzik (Supervisor Kuehl’s field deputy) on new LA County voting procedures and Cathi Ruddy’s informative remarks about disaster readiness. We commend her efforts as PPCC’s Emergency Preparedness Liaison and Woman’s Club representative to PPCC.

On behalf of the entire Palisades community, PPCC also extends sincere thanks to our brave firefighters and all the first responders for their heroic efforts on our behalf during the recent frightening Palisades fire.

As we continue to face dry conditions and ongoing Santa Ana winds, PPCC invites the community to visit our Disaster Readiness page (under the Resources tab on the PPCC website, pacpalicc.org): pacpalicc.org/index.php/disaster-preparedness. This site features contact information for Cathi, links to MYN and RYLAN information, and a wealth of resources on how to protect against wildfires, earthquakes and other emergencies.

Chris Spitz
PPCC Secretary

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