An article on Page 3 of the August 1 edition of the Palisadian-Post included an interview with the President of the Palisades Democratic Club, Erika Feresten. She believes presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will solve all of the problems of our country, and she mentions quite a few.

To get to the point, Bernie Sanders is an admitted Socialist. During his time in the U.S. Senate, Sanders has introduced and sponsored only three bills that passed senate approval. There were two bills to give specific names to post offices in Vermont. The other was to give veterans’ compensation a cost of living adjustment.

Sanders did sign on the other bills that been introduced by other senators. So much for getting things done.

In his campaign speeches in 2016 and recently, he continues to say he will provide free college educations and government health insurance for everyone. When asked how he is going to pay for all of this, he says he will raise taxes on the wealthiest one percent and also raise taxes on the corporations.

Let me explain: Sanders does not understand capital formation, job creation and profit. The programs he wants to introduce will cost trillions and no matter how much he raises taxes on everything and everyone, there won’t be enough money to cover his proposals.

Look at history and see the results. Every socialistic country has failed. It never works. Look at what happened in Russian, Venezuela (a disaster), Cuba (The army and the Castros get everything and the people have nothing. There is no economy in Cuba. It is a tyrannical police state.).

Socialism begins with a great promise and ends in disaster. It has failed everywhere and every time it was tried. Socialism is not about people, it is about government.

Bernie Sanders makes a lot of noise and young people in particular buy into his act, as they believe they would get a free college education and free health care. Who is going to pay for all of this? The answer is you and I and everyone.

Bernie Sanders will never get the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Let Erika Feresten and the Palisades Democratic Club find a viable candidate to support.

By the way I am an Independent.

Robert L. Fox

Freedom & Choice

Bravo to the author of the letter to the editor in the August 15 edition, “Where Do You Stand?” Thank you for having the courage to say what has been on the minds of many Palisadians since the presidential election of 2016.

We are all Americans! Liberals must stop bullying and threatening Conservatives!

This is the land of freedom and choice. No one should be attacked for their political beliefs.

We have lived in Pacific Palisades for thirty years and we have never seen anything like what is going on today. The vitriol of hate is being fueled by liberal politicians, television newscasters and the press.

Our car had a conservative bumper sticker on it. It was vandalized recently while parked in the CVS parking lot.

This is a very sad commentary about Liberals who live in Pacific Palisades. The hate must stop. We live in paradise.

Be grateful and show respect for your fellow Palisadians.

Robyn & John Fuchs
Pacific Palisades