Jean Pierre Provo

Jean Pierre Provo, who recently joined the Rodeo Realty team in Pacific Palisades, was born in France and chose to make Los Angeles his home 25 years ago. His passion for architecture, combined with intensive UCLA real estate training, has established him as a Realtor with integrity and the skills necessary to guide and provide first-rate service. He is a quintessential Frenchman who embraces people.

He has built a wealth of clients, solidified by repeat business, which includes entertainment clients, foreign dignitaries and senior officers of major international organizations.

Post: Tell me about your childhood. Where were you born and where did you grow up? What were some of your hobbies and interests as a child and teenager?

Provo: I was born and grew up in France near Calais, which is where one can take the ferry to England. My family now resides in my hometown and in Provence in southern France. Since I was little, I was always interested into photography and have kept up this passion.

Post: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Provo: I studied in France, printing and photography.

Post: What was your first job out of college? What led you to choose a career in real estate?

Provo: Working in New York City as a manager at a Michelin two-and-a-half stars restaurant with chef Rocco Despirito. Through my photographic interests, architecture and interior design led me to become involved in looking at real estate.

Post: How does your background help you when working with clients to buy or sell a home?

Provo: I believe that my knowledge of European architecture and design lends itself offering a different perspective for clients. I can point out how one could enhance a particular area. A garden or a room can take a much different view if done in a unique way. Offering ideas to clients serves them

Post: Do you represent homes in all neighborhoods of the Palisades?

Provo: Yes, and in Los Angeles in general.

Post: You have been with the team for a couple of weeks. What are you looking most forward to accomplishing in this position?

Photos courtesy of Jean Pierre Provo

Provo: I am here to grow our business and ensure that the company’s best interests are represented.

Post: What are some of the most memorable homes you have sold or helped a client purchase?

Provo: A past client asked me to help their friend in selling their home in an area that was previously called “Ghost Town”—that was, Venice, California. At that time it was one of the most difficult areas to sell. In that case, I succeeded after many agents failed.

I sold a beautiful 1950s midcentury modern home to CEO of Cirque du Soleil in Trousdale Estate/Beverly Hills.

Post: What are some current trends in real estate?

Provo: In the last six months, the housing market has softened. Better homes will command market prices, however, particularly sellers of homes that are not in top shape will need to readjust their expectations.

Post: What do you and your family like to do for fun?

The Realtor shares a sample of his photography work

Provo: I’m a single father who is crazy in love with my 15-year-old son Maël. Very often we surf in Malibu. We are part of the Malibu Surf Association and Club. We are involved with the Mighty Under Dogs also called MUD, a nonprofit organization surf therapy for children in need.