Giving Thanks

Eric and Patty, who own a home in the Palisades and plan to move back next year, have lived on their boat the last several years, cruising the East Coast. They are pictured here in Charleston Harbor.
Photo courtesy of Eric Bradley

The following piece was submitted by Eric and Patty Bradley as a thank you to community members after an incident that occurred in the Palisades.

This Thanksgiving we have many people to thank.

I graduated from Palisades High School in 1971, and my wife and I have owned a home in the Palisades for all our wonderful 40 married years together.

But I did not ever expect that we would be compelled to write to the Palisadian-Post until what happened to Patty walking out of the front door at Erewhon last Thursday at 11:45 in the morning.

There, she very unexpectedly suffered a massive stroke from a blocked middle cerebral artery on the left side of her brain. A man and a woman—and perhaps others—helped get her to a chair and, recognizing the stroke symptoms, wisely called 911 immediately.

They knew that time is critical in a stroke case. They then called me at the dentist office, only a block away, and by the time I ran to the scene, Los Angeles Fire Department was already there and within seconds, the paramedics arrived.

They were all so great and knew exactly what to do for her. They rushed her to Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica while constantly updating their arrival time to the certified stroke unit and neurologists waiting for her.

Without wasting a second, they performed a CT scan that showed the exact location of the clot and moved Patty to the operating room where the clot was removed about an hour after the stroke occurred.

She made a full recovery, but it was literally a miracle and a lot of wonderful people made it happen.

We both want to give our heartfelt thanks to all the people who worked together and saved her life.

First to the wonderful people in front of Erewhon who called 911 and me, held her purse and groceries, and then handed them to me while explaining what happened. I apologize to them for my state of shock, lack of communication and failure to get their names.

To our incredible fire and paramedics who were immediately there for Patty and who transported her to the hospital. To Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Primary Stroke Center, Robert Jackson MD, Vascular Neurology, and Jason Tarpley MD, Neurology Surgeon, who literally saved her life.

And, to all the other wonderful doctors and attendants at Saint John’s Hospital who took such good care of both of us.

This Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for. When you part with someone you love, even for what is supposed to be a short time, remember that you may never see that person as they were when you left them, so tell them you love them and part as if it is the last time.