Flocking to Will Rogers

Ableating chorus: A UCLA-sponsored work of art involving sheep, dogs and actors played out at the Will Rogers State Historic Park’s Polo Field on Saturday, Feb. 3, and Sunday, Feb. 4. The sold-out performance, “Doggie Hamlet,” created by Guggenheim Fellow Ann Carlson, has toured the country over the past two years. Reports suggest it enthralls post-modern dance fans, confuses Shakespeare scholars (there is little of the Bard in the 70-minute performance) and warms those who watch sheep-herding dogs on foreign TV, where men also shout and gesture incomprehensibly. While dogs and actors are not uncommon in Pacific Palisades, it’s the first time massed Bovidae have been spotted around town since grazing goats jumped fences in The Highlands in June 2015. More images from “Doggie Hamlet”—and maybe an explanation—in next week’s Pali Life.