Denise Crosby Takes a ‘5Minute Drive’

Hollywood car designer Tim Lawrence, better known as Fireball Tim, is responsible for many of the silver screen’s wildest automobiles. His designs have been featured in movies like “The Avengers,” “Batman,” “Son Of The Mask,” “Jurassic Park,” “X-Men” and “Gone In 60 Seconds.” 

He is also the host of the talk show 5Minute Drive, a fun, on-the- fly talk show hosted from behind the wheel of some of the hottest cars on the market.

“You never know what you’ll experience as a guest on this show as opposed to talk shows that are filmed in a controlled studio,” he said. “On this show, we may get stopped by a cop or see something really cool that will change the conversation. It’s very spontaneous – we always have fun and we laugh a lot.”

Palisadian Denise Crosby, an actress currently appearing in “Ray Donovan,” was recently featured alongside the 2014 Chrysler Varvatos Edition in a fast and furious episode of 5Minute Drive.

Palisadian Denise Crosby and host of 5Minute Drive, ‘Fireball Tim’ cruise through the Palisades in the 2014 Chrysler Varvatos Edition. Photo courtesy of 5Minute Drive
Palisadian Denise Crosby and host of 5Minute Drive, ‘Fireball Tim’ cruise through the Palisades in the 2014 Chrysler Varvatos Edition.
Photo courtesy of 5Minute Drive

“She’s a champion for all things in becoming a celebrity. Kind, open, smiling and all around badass in a smokin’ hot sort of way,” Fireball said of his guest. “She’s done great things and loves to talk creatively. That makes it very easy for me as a host and driver.”

From the corner of PCH and Sunset, the pair took a familiar, yet beautiful drive, twisting and turning through some of the best parts of the Palisades while getting the run-down on the ins and outs of the luxury Chrysler – and the community Crosby calls home.

“The Palisades has such a beautiful light and clean air. The feeling of a small town still exists right next to a bustling metropolis,” Crosby said. “We are so lucky to be here. There’s such a rich history of writers and artists who have made this home.”

According to Fireball, the best aspect of the Varvatos Edition is the interior.

“It’s luxurious without being hoity-toity,” he said. “As a long-distance runner, the seats can’t be beat. Plus, the Bose Sound is awesome. I think Denise liked the black and brown trim a lot. It’s the new ‘it’ combination.”

The Chrysler was a quite a change for Crosby, who recently made the switch from her Mercedes SUV to her “ecofriendly tree hugger mobile,” a 2013 Prius.

“I’ve always loved cars. Growing up here in California in such a car culture, you really learn to appreciate them,” Crosby said. “The Varvatos Chrysler was beautiful – very quiet and luxurious.”

Crosby, who is well known for her role as Lieutenant Tasha Yar in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” is used to traveling at warp speed, but Fireball promises he took this drive a bit slower.

“The Chrysler Varvatos is all about cruisin’ cool. It’s enough to be cush sometimes and just get there in style,” he said. “It’s important not to rush through or you’ll miss all that beauty. From parks to wonderful homes and schools, the Palisades is one of the most beautiful spots in L.A. We’re so blessed to live in Paradise.”

When asked who would win in a speed test, the Chrysler or the Enterprise, the former Star Trek star said it wouldn’t be a fair comparison because of the star ship’s special fuel cells.

“I’d like to see what Fireball could do with a Galaxy Class Starship! Or what Shatner could do in a Chrysler, for that matter,” Crosby said. “Fireball knows his stuff. If only everyone drove as well, it would be so much more fun to drive in this city”

Fireball joked that the real reason he invited Crosby onto the show was to enlist her help in finding the Chrysler’s hidden HyperDrive button.

Upcoming episodes of 5Minute Drive promise to include unique rides and cars like the General Lee from “Dukes of Hazzard.” Fireball is also balancing work on his second children’s book “Fireball Tim’s Big Book of Wacky States” and designing cool toys for Christmas 2014.