Dear Vany

Junior Reporter Vanessa “Vany” Masterson answers her latest set of questions from Palisadian-Post readers. If you have a question you would like to send to Vany, email it to

Dear Vany,

I have a really awesome Halloween costume idea but my mom says it’s too scary and it will not be good to wear to school.  She thinks I will freak out the little kids too much and it’s not appropriate for my age. I still want to wear it and I don’t think it’s too scary. My mom said we should ask for your advice. What do you think I should do?

Thank you,
Anonymous in 4th grade
Dear Anonymous in 4th grade,

I understand your cool idea, but you do have to remember that little kiddos may not want to see too much scary stuff. You should always trust your mom’s advice.

Maybe you could wear it for trick or treating but not for your school. You could also wear the costume but take out some of the gore. If you were going to be a vampire, you could not put too much fake blood on your face and lose the cut off hand.

At my school there is a Halloween parade and one year my friend had a similar problem. She decided to wear the scary parts all the rest of the day but not during the parade.

If you go to my school then honestly, the kindergarteners would only see you for a split second, so maybe check on the timing of the parade and how many little kids would see you.

I think you will be able to wear the costume if you are sensitive to the little kids and make it not too scary, like your mom said. I hope this helps!

Thanks for writing!

Dar Vany,

My family is going to an amusement park. I’m scared to go on the big roller coasters, should I force myself to go?

Thank you,
Dear Anonymous,

I totally get where you’re coming from. I have always hated any sort of roller coaster, even the West Coaster at the pier scares me.

But everyone is different. My brother asks every day to go to Six Flags to go on big coasters. I have had to miss birthday parties or even been embarrassed by my fear.

You have to learn to go with it if you want to join your family or friends. Don’t force yourself. You won’t have any fun nor will you enjoy yourself being scared the whole way.

Try to find other non-roller coaster rides, like scramblers or bumper cars or rock climbing. Even the water shooting or basketball games are always fun to play.

If you still really want to try to go on the roller coasters but they scare you, put your head into your mom’s lap, close you eyes, scream every other noise out and just pretend you are sitting on your couch at home. Works for me. I hope this helps!!

Thanks for writing!