Checking in with Stone: Traveling Cyclist and Honorary Palisadian


Since his appearance in the July 19 article, “A Glimpse Into Homelessness,” former high school teacher Stone Lawson has been on the minds of many Palisadians.

The Palisadian-Post seized a quick opportunity to catch up with him on Aug. 23, and we found out that he’s still riding his bicycle and performing painting, repair and manual labor jobs around town.

Reflecting upon his intrepid cycling journey from Alabama, Lawson emphasized that he has enjoyed lending a hand to people in need, especially the homeless community—who are often in dire need. “Why else am I here?” he asked, knowing no response was necessary.

As we were about to part ways, Lawson remembered something and rushed forward to share that one of his former students from the high school he taught at is up for the position of Federal Court Judge in Alabama’s 19th Judicial Circuit. “He emailed me to say thank you,” Lawson said quietly, but with pride.