Brief Resumes for Initial Candidates in the PPCC Executive Election

Photos by Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

Richard Cohen for Treasurer

Cohen has served the community for 15 years as PPCC area representative (Marquez Knolls/Bel Air Bay Club), vice chair, chair and treasurer for the past four years. He has served for 12 years on the LAPD Community Police Advisory Board where he was instrumental in achieving 24/7 LAPD coverage of the Palisades. Early in his career he was a tax CPA at Deloitte & Touche, later serving as chief financial officer for a $2 billion not-for-profit. He is also a senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, which, thanks to Cohen, has contributed thousands of dollars to the comunity council coffers .

Peter Culhane for Vice-Chair

Raised in Conneticut, Culhane attended Rutgers University before learning his trade in the New York office of Taylor/Woodrow Construction for several years. He started a CT state-chartered bank, which became the anchor tenant of an office building built by his own construction company. He moved west in 1999, living in The Highlands where, for the last three years, he has been PPCC area rep. He makes his own oil from homegrown olives. He also serves as president of the Summit Club Homeowners Association and treasurer of the Palisades Drive Recreation Center. He is a member of Corpus Christi Parish.

Lou Kamer for Chair

Kamer is a 15-year resident of the Alphabet Streets with his wife, Marsha, and two sons. He is currently the “at-large representative” on the PPCC. He owns a technology solutions and security company serving private, public, nonprofit and government clients worldwide. He recently formed PaliWorks, a community volunteer group that has rebuilt walking and bike paths on lower Chautauqua and cut overgrown medians on Sunset. He has worked with the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness clearing encampments. He is especially interested in transport infrastructure strategies.

Rick Mills for Vice-Chair

Mills is a Stanford economics graduate who earned a master’s degree in city planning at UC Berkeley. He spent 10 years working in the planning departments in Simi Valley, Pasadena and Santa Monica. In the Palisades he served as chair of the Design Review Board for eight years. He has been a licensed Realtor for 18 years and has been employed at a leading real estate firm for 30 years as a master paralegal. His wife, Ruth, teaches at Palisades Charter High School. Mills is area rep for Temescal and east of Bienveneda and wants to hold more “targeted” community events such as the recent safety meeting at the school.

Chris Spitz for Secretary

Spitz is a 27-year Palisadian and an 11-year PPCC board member holding posts including Land Use Committee chair, PPCC vice-chair, chair and now chair emeritus. Over the past year, she has added acting secretary and website manager to this role. She has served as Pacific Palisades Residents Associate representative to PPCC. A business attorney, Spitz has worked as an advocate for “local control” on many land use matters. She has served on the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils and a steering committee member of PlanCheck NCLA. Having lived in New Orleans, she reputedly cooks a mean gumbo.

George Wolfberg For Chair

Wolfberg, a UCLA and USC graduate, has been, with his wife Diane, a Palisadian resident since 1972. He worked with the city of Los Angeles for 35 years, during which he helped write the LA administrative code and the contract with the 1984 Olympic Organizing Committee. He helped devise the Brentwood-Pacific Palisades Community Plan. He is president emeritus of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association. He has held various positions including chair on the PPCC since 2002. He is a grandfather, an AYSO referee and his favorite color, being a Hancock Park-born Angeleno, is blue.