Assisting Australia from the Palisades

By RILEY KESTON | Junior Reporter

There is a huge fire in Australia and it has been going on for a long time. Many animals have died in the fire, including koalas, kangaroos, sugar gliders, bats and more. It makes me sad. I want to help, but how? Australia is so far away. I am too young to travel there all alone and I can’t miss that much school.

One of the biggest problems with these animals is that they are losing their homes and they are losing their parents. My mom and I decided to sew pillows for baby bats to send to them in Australia. We also sewed pouches for kangaroos. That way, the baby bats and baby kangaroos could stay warm and feel like they are being loved by their mothers even though their mothers aren’t here anymore.

After my mom and I finished all of our pillows and pouches, we gave them to our friend Shane at The Sew Chateau to ship to Australia. Shane was the one who organized all of us and first came up with the idea to have a sewing party to sew pouches, blankets and beds for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild, a volunteer group that creates items for animal rescue efforts around Australia. I hope the animals get them quickly. Recently, it rained hard which is good because it will hopefully keep the fires from doing more damage.

I hope all of the baby bats and kangaroos are safe and cozy in their new pouches and wraps. And if any koalas or sugar gliders need something to be sewn for them, they know who to call.