Amazon Books Heading to Palisades Village

The flagship Amazon Books location in Seattle
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

By SARAH SHMERLING | Managing Editor

The next chapter of Caruso’s Palisades Village has been written: Amazon has signed up to create a “bricks and mortar” store when the project opens on Sept. 22.

“We created Amazon Books to be a place where customers discover books and devices they’ll love,” Cameron Janes, vice president of Amazon Books, told the Los Angeles Times.

He also noted that the Palisades is an area “that we know is full of readers.”

Palisadians have not turned the pages at a local store since Village Books closed its doors in June 2011, despite a fierce fight by locals, including Tom Hanks, to save it.

Other retailers at the 125,000-square-foot complex will include SunLife Organics, Vintage Grocers and Cinépolis’ Bay Theatre.

Caruso reported that 80 percent of the 40-plus spaces have been leased, with Amazon Books the 18th confirmed tenant.

At the three Amazon stores currently in California titles are laid with covers rather than spines out.

At the flagship store in Seattle, which stocks 6,000 books initially chosen through its “social cataloging” website Goodreads, there has been a list of recommended volumes by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

It includes his wife MacKenzie Tuttle Bezos’ Hollywood thriller “Traps.”