A Good Education

Community members who are looking for one last cause to contribute to before 2019 comes to a close can consider making a donation to one of the five charter schools in Pacific Palisades, to support things like smaller class sizes, garden programs and more.

Palisades Charter Elementary School

Photos courtesy of Traci Sacks

Traci Sacks, mother of a first-grader, a third-grader and one who will join them in school next year, moved to Pacific Palisades two years ago in large part because of the schools. And now, wanting to give back to Palisades Charter Elementary School and help continue its legacy, Sacks is heading up Pali Giving, which supplements programming outside of LAUSD funding.

Sacks explained that donations help support two full-time P.E. coaches, a full-time librarian, makerspace, design lab and more—all programs that her kids and their peers love.

“There are so many people who have lived here for so long who are alumni of the school, who have kids who have graduated who still have such pride for the school and want it to stay that way, and even older people who have lived here for so long and are a part of the community, that even if their kids never went to Pali, it still makes their community and their neighborhood what it is,” Sacks shared, encouraging anyone who has been touched by Pali and its programs to give back to the school this year.

Sacks shared that the school is “really a part of the community”—down to its location in the middle of town.

“I think it’s a school that has so much potential and so many things that have made it great,” Sacks continued, adding that the school’s “garden is the dreamiest thing ever.”

Pali Elementary is on the tail end of its 100 Days of Giving campaign, which ends right before the close of the year, but donations are accepted year round.

palielementary.org/paligiving; paligiving@palielementary.org

Marquez Charter Elementary School

Photos courtesy of Friends of Marquez

Class size reduction, instructional aids, digital edge technology, science, music, library/media lounge, fresh kids week, art and theater, P.E., and an edible growing garden are all things that are funded in part by Friends of Marquez with an education the school calls “Public Education Plus+.”

Marquez Charter Elementary School creates programming by combining LAUSD funding with “substantial contributions” families make each year via the Friends.

“It is important to support Marquez because we work hard to provide an innovative education that prepares our students to not only excel academically, but to also be citizens that contribute to their community,” Friends of Marquez President Alexys Buckner shared.

Friends of Marquez accepts monetary donations, but also offers Birthday Marquee for students, Spirit Wear for sale and the option of attending one of many celebrations in the Year Of Parties catalogue, some of which are open to participants outside of the school. Parties range from a top-shelf tequila tasting to third-grade gingerbread house decorating.


Canyon Charter Elementary School

Photos courtesy of Friends of Canyon

Canyon Charter Elementary School has many fundraising programs in place to help the school raise funds to cover the cost of arts and STEM programs, as well as other instructional programming.

“We rely on annual giving contributions from our generous families, as well as the proceeds from multiple fundraisers throughout the year, including our Fiesta, Auction, Olympics Day, Party Book and, most recently we brought back Jammin’ in the Canyon, which was great fun for our community,” Director of Canyon Communications and President Elect Amanda Rosen-Prinz explained to the Palisadian-Post.

The school also hosts smaller fundraisers throughout the year, including a pumpkin patch, book fair, talent show, Canyon gear and more.

“Our entire fundraising team works tirelessly throughout the year to maintain the amazing programs we have at Canyon, which include art, music, dance and drama for all students in our school,” Rosen-Prinz shared. “We have a dedicated full-time science instructor and science learning lab, a full-time physical education instructor, a digital learning teacher and 1:1 Chromebooks for all students, a reading specialist and aides in every classroom.”

Rosen-Prinz added that alumni of the school, as well as members of the community, are welcome to contribute to the school’s Booster Club, a registered 501(c)(3).


Palisades Charter High School

Photo courtesy of Pali High

Those who are interested in giving back to Palisades Charter High School have two options: The PCHS Fund, which makes up the shortfall in the school’s budget that is not provided by local, state or federal sources, and The Palisades High School Booster Club, which focuses on the immediate needs of students not covered by the school’s budget.

Programming support by the Booster Club includes academic programs, field trips, visual and performing arts, athletics and extra-curricular activities, while the PCHS fund ensures sustainability of the school’s core programs and addresses the mission-critical and strategic needs of the school.

Pali High is campaigning for donations this #GivingTuesday—a global day of giving that was created after the popularity of shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving was expanded to online purchases on Cyber Monday.

“On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, you will have the chance to join people around the world and support a cause that is close to your heart—your students,” Pali High Principal Dr. Pam Magee shared in an email ahead of Giving Tuesday.

The PCHS Fund and The Booster Club are aiming to meet their combined 2019-20 goal of $750,000.

“We are 57% of the way there and looking for record-breaking parent participation,” Pali High continued. “There is no gift too small. By joining the #GivingTuesday movement, you will ensure that all students will benefit from this support.”

palihighboosterclub.com; palihigh.org/pdfs/PCHS-Fund-Web-Page-0322.pdf

Paul Revere Charter Middle School

Photos courtesy of PRIDE

A tradition for nearly 40 years, PRIDE—Parent Resources for Individual Development and Enrichment—has been raising funds to support programming at Paul Revere Charter Middle School.

“The PRIDE Booster Club is Paul Revere Charter Middle School’s volunteer, parent-run fundraising nonprofit,” 2019-20 Paul Revere/PRIDE Annual Giving Chair Rene Rodman explained. “Established in 1982, PRIDE supports and facilitates dozens of vital programs and initiatives that make Paul Revere a standout public middle school and a vibrant member of our community.”

The PRIDE annual budget of $650,000 helps fund a variety of programs and services, including music, technology, physical education and the farm/outdoor education, as well as after-school athletic, enrichment and performing arts programs.

Donations can be made online or mailed to the PRIDE Booster Club, c/o Paul Revere Charter Middle School, 1450 Allenford Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049.