$8,000 Worth of Purses Stolen from elysewalker


Police are searching for three suspects who allegedly stole over $8,000 worth of purses from the elysewalker store on Antioch Street on Saturday, July 6.

After pepper spraying the security guard at the front door, the suspects ran in, took the purses and fled in a waiting car, according to police officer Hornbeck of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police officers and a helicopter were dispatched to the scene seeking a white Volkswagen Jetta, according to initial reports online, but LAPD later described a light-blue Mercedes Benz to be the suspected getaway car.

“No arrests have been made,” Hornbeck said on Monday, July 8.

“We are unfortunately one of many retailers in the greater Los Angeles area that have been targeted by thieves,” said Alexandra Lippin, spokesperson for elysewalker. “We are working closely with law enforcement, and our priority remains keeping our staff and clients safe.”

The crime comes as the latest installment of what seems to be an annual occurrence at the store, with other incidents happening around the same time of year in the past.

In 2018, two teenagers, who arrived in an Uber car and stole over $3,000 worth of merchandise, similarly pepper sprayed the on-duty security guard. They were apprehended shortly after by an off-duty FBI agent and a private security officer.

Two years ago, shoplifters made off with over $17,000 in handbags after knocking an employee to the ground and escaping in a getaway car.

The Fourth of July weekend incident sparked an online debate on whether the store was at fault for poorly placing their products or if this is a consequence of insufficient police presence throughout the Palisades.

“Someone needs to have a discussion with Elyse Walker—she needs to stop putting expensive eye candy in unprotected areas,” wrote one Palisadian under a social media posting of the robbery.

“Our lax laws and elected officials have provided a green light to career criminals and the acceptance of a high level of lawlessness in CA,” wrote another resident. “Only new laws and a political 180 will change this and begin to increase the safety of the citizens of our state, city and community.”