Palisadian-Post Junior Reporters and Interns Share How They Celebrate the Fourth of July

Sophie Friedberg | Junior Reporter

The Fourth of July is a statement holiday in my household.

Photos courtesy of Sophie Friedberg

Whether we are celebrating through means of water balloon fights, cookouts or watching the Palisades Fourth of July Parade, my family always manages to make the most out of the holiday.

I have performed with Fancy Feet Dance Studio in the Palisades Fourth of July Parade. And while my family always makes valiant attempts to watch me dance the same routine for two hours straight, eventually my squirmy little brothers decide they’ve had enough—indicating that it’s time to take the party back to the Alphabet Streets for the infamous neighborhood water balloon fights.

Once these water balloons have served their purpose and the sun begins to set, it means it’s time for the ultimate night-closer: fireworks. As my family and I walk to Palisades Charter High School for the show, I find myself surrounded by a sea of familiar faces. With undeniable smiles, we sit side-by-side, everyone connected by the fireworks.

The Fourth of July is the one day of the year where people put aside differences in religion, race, age, gender and political belief.

Jared Hamm | Intern

Fourth of July is here in the Pacific Palisades; it is the most community celebrated holiday of the entire year.

It is a day of fun and joy that everyone comes out to celebrate. Palisades Fourth of July parade is one of the main things I love. The parade has many different groups participating in it from the Boy Scouts and Palisades clubs, all the way to dogs, all celebrating the Fourth of July.

One of the next Fourth of July activities that truly defines the holiday would be the 5k & 10k run. This race has people who run, walk and even dance their way to the finish line.

To end the entire day of Fourth of July activities is the fireworks. The show from Palisades High School or one of the many clubs by the beach is a perfect end to a great day of festivities.

The thing that I love about Fourth of July would be every bit of it, so be sure to go out and celebrate it.

Riley Keston | Junior Reporter

Photo courtesy of Mike Montgomery

My favorite thing about the 4th of July is getting to be in the Palisades Parade. Because I do karate at Gerry Blanck’s School of Yoshukai Karate AND dance at Fancy Feet, and both of them march in the parade, I get to choose either one of them to march with.

Sometimes I want to do both, but I don’t have time to make a costume change, and I’d look pretty silly wearing a tutu with the karate dojo and just as silly wearing my karate gi with the dancers.

This year though, I am going to try to do both. Wish me luck!

Dillon Ring | Junior Reporter

The Fourth of July is a truly historic holiday. It marks the day our country worked together to reach our goals. My family’s tradition on Independence Day has changed only slightly over the years.

Even back when I was very small, we always had our celebrations with the O’Donnell family. When we lived in Pacific Palisades, the O’Donnells came to our house on Northfield Street to enjoy wonderful food, like burgers and hot dogs. At 9 p.m., we would climb up to the rooftop of our house and watch the fireworks at Palisades Charter High School.

Photo courtesy of Carrie Ring

Earlier in the day, we always viewed in awe the skydivers jumping from the plane during the parade. Both of our families would sit down and enjoy all the festivities of the parade.

We moved to Mandeville Canyon. This means that on July 4, we cannot climb to the roof and watch for fireworks anymore. We still attend the parade, as it is always lots of fun. But, now we go to the O’Donnell’s house for the afternoon and evening.

At about 8:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the show, we begin walking toward the magnificent Pali High football field. There are usually plenty of people there early, so we say “hi” to some friends and wait for the fireworks show to begin.

My Fourth of July traditions are lots of fun, and include plenty of food, friends and family!

Rio Robinson | Junior Reporter

I’m Rio Robinson and I just finished freshman year at Pacifica High School in Santa Monica.

I’ve loved growing up in the Palisades and I become especially grateful to be apart of the community during the 4th of July. One year we marched our dog, Charlie, in the parade, although Charlie wanted to be carried most of the way.

Photo courtesy of Mariah Huarte

I’ve done the 5k a few times, enjoyed BBQs, but my best memories are the fireworks, which my mom let us watch standing on her car one year. In sixth grade I created my bike into a red, white and blue float-like vehicle for the parade with streamers, stuffed animals, ribbons, crepe paper, a horn, a hula-hoop and a basket for bubbles.

Overall, the patriotic spirit of the Palisades makes our town the best on July 4th!

I love being surrounded by family like in this picture from last July. It was taken at my Aunt Bridget and Uncle Matt’s home on Galloway. My cousin, Molly Going, is the little one, cousin Coco Kennedy is in yellow. I’m wearing patriotic red, white and blue. My sister, Lilah, was pushing us although she didn’t make the pic and that’s cousin Stella Kennedy’s arm!

Serena Perl | Junior Reporter

The best thing about celebrating 4th of July is undoubtedly the community aspect. From the time I moved to the Palisades at age 3, it has been a family tradition to attend the annual 4th of July parade. The parade has always been memorable and from a young age I have vivid memories of wanting to be part of it.

Being an ambassador for Pali High, I have the opportunity to volunteer for the parade along with over 50 other ambassadors. It’s so fulfilling to represent my high school and support local organizations and businesses at the same time.

Photo courtesy of Serena Perl

While walking in the parade I recognize a majority of the people and have been seeing some of them at this event for years. Waves, smiles and even high-fives are exchanged. People of all ages and interests attend the annual parade, so I enjoy seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new people while participating in the parade.

The participation at Palisades 4th of July parade is unparalleled and unique to any other community. With the high levels of excitement and involvement, this tends to be my favorite event of the year!

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