Palisadians Celebrate LAPD 150th Anniversary with Open House

Police officers, parents, kids and community members gathered together the afternoon of Wednesday, May 29, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Los Angeles Police Department with an open house at the West Los Angeles Police Station, which serves Pacific Palisades.

“The 150th anniversary of the department is a huge milestone,” local Beach Patrol Officer Rusty Redican told the Post. “This is a great event to kind of get the community in so they can see some of the different things we do and have. Obviously you have a bunch of kids around here, which is awesome—you’ve got to let the kids know when they’re young that the police are the good guys. It definitely means a lot to have this event with all the folks in the community here.”

Kids in attendance enjoyed carnival games, a bounce house, face painting and interacting with police horses and dogs. Parents were able to meet with their local LAPD officers, who were there to answer questions and get to know their community.

“We’re taking the opportunity of the 150th anniversary of the department to invite the community to our open house so they can interact with us,” LAPD West Division Captain Vic Davalos told the Palisadian-Post.

The event also included a Memorial Wall outside the station enshrined with the names of the 209 LAPD officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Three wreaths hung outside the West Los Angeles Station honored the three West LA officers who lost their lives keeping the city safe.

“We would be remiss in the month of May if we didn’t honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Davalos said.

Those in attendance were also able to see a display of police cars through the years lined up side-by-side, from the earliest Model T to the Dodge Chargers used today.

As kids munched on snow cones and hot dogs, parents were able to meet with city dignitaries,including City Controller Ron Galperin.

City Controller Ron Galperin meets a four-legged member of the LAPD

“It’s interesting; I was looking back at the history of the LAPD and what things were like in Los Angeles 150 years ago before there was an LAPD,” Galperin told the Post.

“We were really the Wild West and we have the LAPD to thank for keeping us safe each, and every single day, people who have given their lives over generations. They help to keep us safe, they help build community and they help make Los Angeles the great place that it is.”

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