APRIL 25, 2018
at Palisades Charter High School, Mercer Hall, 15777 Bowdoin St.

Presented by The Palisadian-Post, Palisades Charter High School Leadership Class & The Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

A Palisades tradition, the Miss Palisades (since 1959) and Mr. Palisades (since 1990) Teen Contest has been held to select a young woman and a young man to represent teens in our community. We are looking for Leaders. Creators. Artists. Inventors. Volunteers. This year we are starting a new tradition, a Teen Talent Contest in the memory of Mr. & Miss Palisades but without the gender selection. A teen talent contest that has no boundaries. Two teens will be selected to represent the Palisades and we are out to find the best and brightest. The Annual Teen Talent Contest is designed to motivate our teens, recognize the role they play in our society, promote unity in our community, assist in gaining self confidence, and provide an unforgettable experience of being part of this memorable event. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain! At this fun and entertaining event, contestants will introduce themselves, answer a select question and perform a “talent.”

Special note about Talent: Don’t have a “typical” talent like singing, dancing or piano? No worries! Show a video of your sports achievements, show off your DJ skills, do a martial arts demonstration, tell jokes, do silly pet tricks with your dog – the idea is to show YOUR talent and uniqueness. We can even help you fine-tune it.

The two selected Teen Talent Contest winners will each be awarded a cash scholarship prize, a year of free food at Palisades Garden Café, a ride in the 4th of July Parade, a feature in the Palisadian-Post and accolades from friends and the community all year long.

Rehearsals take place April 20th & 23rd at 4pm at Mercer Hall.

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Questions? Please contact:
Palisadian-Post, gina@palipost.com, 310-454-1321

Rules & Eligibility

1. Must be 14-18 years of age and a resident of Pacific Palisades. Eligibility will be limited to teens who will be in the Los Angeles area during the 2018-2019 school year.

2. The contest will be limited to the first 40 participants whose fully completed application has been received by the Palisadian-Post. A maximum of 15 contestants may participate.

3. Must participate in Palisadian-Post / community events during the year.

4. Contestants agree that all publicity photographs taken during the Palisades Teen Talent Contest will become property of the Palisadian-Post.

5. Contestants agree to participate in the event on April 25th 2018 and to attend a minimum of 2 dress rehearsals.

6. A runner-up will be selected in case winners are unable to serve out their full tenure. Runners-up who take over the duties and title of the chosen representatives will be entitled to a proportionate share of the scholarship fund established.

Official Entry Form


2018 Palisades Teen Talent Contest

4/25/2018 Presented by Palisadian-Post

Contestant submissions are now closed.


For more information, contact the Post at gina@palipost.com or (310) 454-1321.



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