12 Steps and 27 Years

From Business to Personal Life, Local Realtor Robert Radcliffe Shares His Story


Robert Radcliffe’s life has been met with many ups and downs: His childhood involved a physically abusive parent. “My dad brutally beat us by hand, brush or belt most nights when he got home—with or without ‘good reason.’”

Radcliffe was addicted to hard drugs in his youth. He spent a period of time living on the streets and in temporary housing with various acquaintances.

Then in his mid-20s, he transformed his downward plunging life, pursued higher education, got sober and carved out an extremely successful career—and then, he was ready to share his story.

Radcliffe was skeptical about putting such personal details in a book until a friend said to him, “Rob, you owe it to the world. Your story will save someone’s life.” He gave in, but wrote the first book, “180 degrees,” in 2009 under a pseudonym, “Robert R.”

Modern Man.

“Today I am a completely sober, self-reliant, self-employed husband, father and self-made millionaire,” Radcliffe wrote in the book. “I was able to miraculously turn my life around before I turned 30.”

In 2015, he authored another book (under his full name), “12 Simple Steps to Loving Life.” Radcliffe attributed his success to taking the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Radcliffe’s positive story has spread; he’s spoken in prisons, schools and recovery centers, and inspired people all over the world to improve their habits.

Now recovered for 27 years, Radcliffe incorporates daily steps into his routine to ensure that he is reaching his utmost potential. Maintaining discipline and integrity are two of the key elements.

He is currently preparing a third book, and this one will focus on real estate. “It lists helpful hints for homeowners on houses that didn’t sell.” There is no release date or title yet.

Having been in the real estate industry for nearly three decades, Radcliffe has witnessed many changes. “The biggest is the internet,” he explained to the Palisadian-Post, noting that it has improved business and helped with assessing information quickly and competently.

He also pointed out the shifting demographics: “There’s been a youthful migration, the area is more hip now.” Radcliffe said he anticipates that the Caruso development will put Pacific Palisades on the map like never before.

The third change he emphasized is the style of houses for which homebuyers are asking.
“It used to be Spanish or Mediterranean, and not at all modern,” Radcliffe said with a laugh. “Now everyone wants modern houses … smaller lots have become as attractive as large lots, and people are more green conscious.”

As leader of The Radcliffe Group at Sotheby’s International Realty, Radcliffe’s philosophy with clients is to “guide them in a real estate transaction as if it were me buying a house.”

According to Radcliffe, one of the most common misconceptions about real estate professionals is that “they are all the same.” But of course they come in different assortments, and finding an agent who understands your specific needs is critical.

He explained how people often assume they can obtain the information they need online, however the internet is not always a reliable or up-to-date source.

When meeting a prospective client who holds a preconceived notion about him, Radcliffe said he tries to respect their opinion, while confidently encouraging them to find an agent that is suitable for them. “Whether it’s me or someone else,” he clarified.

Like many entrepreneurs, Radcliffe is exploring the tech world. He recently launched a free real estate app for the public called The Radcliffe Group. “It offers up-to-the-second feeds directly from the MLS for all homes available for sale, all scheduled open houses and homes that have recently sold,” he said.

Influenced by his dad’s work ethic and professional endeavors, Radcliffe’s oldest son is studying real estate development at USC. “He hopes to meet with Rick Caruso,” Radcliffe said with a smile.

In 2014, Radcliffe shared with the Post the top five things he enjoys about Pacific Palisades: the trees, The Village, beautiful homes, proximity to oceans and mountains, and the people.

Now, Radcliffe puts the people first. “There’s a cool vibe and a beautiful setting,” he said, “but the people really make it.”

For those interested in learning more about Radcliffe’s personal story, he invites you to receive a free copy from him at Sotheby’s International Realty in Pacific Palisades.